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Wood Chemistry and Biorefinery

Services offered

Xylochem’s platform over 3 geographic locations provides facilities for:

  • Fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass
  • Separation and purification of biopolymers
  • Enzymatic Modification
  • Synthesis of bio-based copolymers
  • Characterization of Polymers

These equipments will allow and encourage the development of collaborative projects on chemistry and biorefinery wood, particularly on the following topics :

  • Improving the deconstruction of wood
  • Production and development nanocelluloses
  • Development of industrial lignins
  • Extraction and development of natural molecules with high added value
  • Synthesis of new bio-based polymers and copolymers
  • Development of enzymatic processes for designing new bio-based copolymers

Deconstruction of biomass

Circulation digester for performing paper making type of cooking. This reactor is equipped with a double pot system enabling to realize 2 parallel paper making cooking (Kraft, bisulfite, ...). Each...

Biosourced polymer synthesis

The platform is equipped with an instrumented fermenter for synthesizing biosourced copolymers by enzymic catalysis. A supercritical CO2 reactor allows synthesis by environmentally friendly processes.  

Polymer structural characterization

Equipments for polymer structural characterization at molecular and macromolecular scale are available: NIR, RMN, AFM, SEC-MALLS.

Polymer separation and purification

The separation-purification of biosourced polymers can be achieved by a tangential ultrafiltration system and by a flash chromatography