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Structural characterization of polymers

Structural characterization of polymers

Equipment for the structural characterization of polymers at molecular and macromolecular scale, NIR, NMR, AFM, SEC-MALLS.

The NIR probe can track the in situ extraction or consumption of active molecules in a chemical process. It will be used in the synthesis of molecules, macromolecules or bio-hybrid materials to highlight monitoring the polymerization of monomers, functionalizing molecules or polymers... 

sonde NIR

The new NMR probe, much more stable in temperature, will allow us to characterize and validate the synthesis of bio-hybrid copolymers based on synthetic and bio-sourced building blocks. For this, systematic NMR 2D DOSY studies are carried out to emphasize the effectiveness of functionalizations or copolymerizations. sonde RMN

Once the synthesis of copolymers is highlighted, they will be characterized by their macromolecular dimensions. In order to have a fine and precise study, the molar masses will be characterized by SEC equipped with a MALLS detector in order to obtain the « real » masses of bio-hybrids.

Perfectly characterized bio-hybrids from a molecular, macromolecular, chemical composition, their auto-assembly properties in solution or bulk point of view, will be studied by MALLLS (solution) or by AFM (solution, bulk).