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Wood Chemistry and Biorefinery

Chair Projects "Valorization of Maritime Pine chemistry"

The research chair aims to promote research on maritime pine chemistry and more specifically on valorization of derivatives from terpenes and lignin.

Georges KOUMBA

In this respect, Georges KOUMBA, post doctorate 2011-2013 was recruited by LCPO to study the depolymerization of lignin by chemical and biochemical processes for: 

  • the synthesis of phenolic molecules with antimicrobial and antioxydant properties, 
  • the elaboration of new building blocks and biosourced materials,

Alex RAKOTOVELOGiven the positive results, the Chair extends the post doctorate by funding the BIOLIGNOL thesis of Alex RAKOTOVELO at the LCPO :

The objective of this thesis work is the controlled fragmentation of lignin to obtain phenolic substances of low molecular weight. 

Lignin depolymerization is catalyzed by enzymes such as laccases and peroxydases, used either individually or in a mixture. These enzymes will be assisted by natural or bio-sourced mediators.